The French town of Poissy has awarded a 10-year public service contract to Suez for the supply of drinking water.

The €25.4 contract came into effect on 1 January 2016. It will include services such as remote meter readings, rounding off water bills for charity and collective decarbonation of softer water.

Under the contract, remote meter readings must be deployed within 18 months. The service will allow consumers to only pay for what they have consumed and alerts in case of suspected leaks or over-consumption.

The Poissy municipal authorities plan to modernize the water supply system with sensors to identify leaks.

The addition of acoustic leak sensors in the supply network will allow to detect potential leaks.

The whole water supply network will be divided into four sectors of 25km each in order to enhance the hydraulic performance of the network.

Suez said the deployment of such technologies can save about 70,000m³ of water every year.

Suez will also contribute €1 per year and per customer of the water service and the collected money will be used for financing NGO projects selected by the town council.