STWA, a developer of technology focused on energy efficiency and improved fuel economy for diesel fleets, is developing its Elektra technology to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions from trucks in compliance with new US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) truck standards.

The new EPA regulations directed by Obama administration to cut greenhouse gases require medium and heavy-duty trucks, including tractor-trailers, school buses, delivery vans and heavy-duty pickups to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by 10% to 20%, based on a vehicle’s size.

STWA’s Elektra technology is designed to enable better vaporization of fuel, allowing fuel injectors to spray a finer mist, which burns more quickly and efficiently to create more power from every drop, improving fuel economy and reducing emissions at the same time.

STWA chairman and CEO Cecil Kyte said that Elektra operates on a simple premise: finer fuel droplets burn more completely and cleanly and should lead to more efficient combustion and better efficiency.

“The potential application of our technology to the truck market is substantial, as there are over 2.1 million tractor-trailers in the US alone. We are optimistic that our new technology could prove very valuable under these new rules to reduce vehicular emission,” Kyte said.