Save The World Air, Inc. (STWA) has appointed Cecil Bond Kyte as new chief executive officer (CEO) of the company. Currently, Kyte is the chairman of the company. He will assume the roles and responsibilities of the new position starting from January 30, 2009 and also remain in the role of chairman. Charles (Chuck) Blum, former CEO of the company, will remain as president of the company.

Kyte said, We are extremely thankful for Chuck’s service to the Company. He has brought valuable knowledge, contacts and experience to STWA over the years. We welcome Chuck’s continued input and insights as we bring the Company to the next stage of its evolution.

I have been involved with STWA for many years, and I am more confident than ever that the Company’s current leadership will deliver the results our shareholder’s are anticipating, said Blum. The discussion to reduce my role in the Company has been on the table for several months. Cecil and I have been working to transition the CEO role and I feel that he is the right person to lead the Company at this time. Furthermore, I am looking forward to retirement in the near future and spending more time with my family.