Strike Graphite Corporation has discovered graphitic gneisses with flake sizes of 4 millimetres at the company's Simon Lake Property, located 300km northeast of La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Graphite mineralization at the 11,800ha property has been found in the first E42-5 hole, with the significant intercepts occurring from 10.2 to 23.9m followed by a second graphitic zone from 45.7 to 69.5m with another graphitic zone from 93.5 to 102.2m.

The current hole, SL-12-001, has verified the historic intervals of graphite in hole E42-5, at the Simon Lake West Target.

The company plans to continue drilling the first hole until 240m or until passing through a final potential graphitic zone.

Graphitic biotite gneiss at E42-5 has been described as "disseminated graphite" or "coarse graphite flakes", with narrower intervals as "graphite flakes abundant" and "heavy graphite in 6 to 12 inch bands".

Strike Graphite Corporation CEO Blair Way said, "Validating the historical data and encountering very large flake sizes in this first hole further increases our ability to interpret the historic work and translate that into success in field."

Drilling at the second hole at the prospect will be backing an earlier program in historic drill hole 2-72 which confirmed graphitic biotite gneiss with descriptions of abundant graphite over a 68m interval.

The company noted the third Morell Lake Target, at the southwest part of the property, has been interpreted as a fold hinge with the conductive unit stretching 5km along strike, and likely to represent the strike extension of the graphite-bearing lithologies known at Simon Lake.