Volume XI Issue 3

Lombardi has suggested the slenderness coefficient for comparing the safety of one arch dam with that of other existing dams. It is pointed out in this paper that arch dams with different heights, which have the same slenderness coefficient, will have different coefficients of safety. The stress level coefficient D = CH = A2/V is suggested in this paper, where C = slenderness coefficient, H = height of dam, A = area of the middle surface of the arch dam, V = volume of the dam. Two arch dams with the same stress level coefficient will have the same stress level. By using stress level coefficients, we can compare the safety of one arch dam with that of existing dams elsewhere in the world. The safety level coefficient J = 100 R/D is also suggested in this paper, where R is the strength of dam concrete. The coefficient J represents the relative safety level of different arch dams.

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