Stornoway Diamond, a Canada-based miner, has settled issues with striking group, the Alliance of Unionized Construction Workers of Québec at its CAD752m ($716m) Renard diamond mine in the province.

The interim interruption caused by the strike had negligible impact on company’s overall development schedule, according to the company.

Stornoway Diamond is expected to continue works at the Renard Mine Road on schedule and within budget.

Earlier during the month, the company claimed that it made good progress on the construction of the all-weather road in April and May 2013, with overall completion 22%.

Meanwhile, a feasibility study at Renard revealed 17.9 million carats of probable mineral reserve, with a further 17.5 million carats of inferred mineral resources, and 23.5 million carats to 48.5 million carats under non-resource exploration upside.