Stolt LNGaz (SLNGaz), joint venture between Stolt-Nielsen Gas, SunLNG and LNGaz, has secured approval from the Quebec Government to construct a natural gas liquefaction plant in Bécancour, with an investment of $600m.

Planned to be built at Bécancour plant, the Stolt LNGaz facility will produce 500,000 tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG), which will be distributed to Quebec businesses that are not connected to the existing natural gas distribution network, through tankers.

Stolt LNGaz CEO Rodney Semotiuk said: "With the Bécancour project, Quebec will become the global model for the production and distribution of LNG on a regional scale."

The Stolt LNGaz project, which is planned to be commissioned in 2018, is expected to provide a safe, reliable access to large quantities of LNG for customers.

Separately, Stolt LNGaz also signed partnership deals with Servitank, a subsidiary of Groupe Somavrac ,and Groupe Desgagnes’ subsidiary Petro-Nav, in support of the Stolt LNGaz project.

Groupe Desgagnés CEO and president Louis-Marie Beaulieu said: "We are pleased to announce this partnership between our subsidiary Petro-Nav and Stolt-Nielsen, which will see us become the co-owners and operators of the tanker ships that will serve Stolt LNGaz customers on the North Shore and possibly even customers on other Canadian coasts."

Groupe Somavrac president Marc Paquin said: "Servitank is a natural partner for the safe transportation of LNG by road tankers from Stolt’s regional terminals to its clients’ facilities."