Norwegian oil and gas company StatoilHydro has announced that the Yttergryta subsea field has started gas production for the Asgard field in the Norwegian Sea, eight months after the plan for development and operation was approved.

According to the company, the field has been developed from find to production in around 18 months and the first part of the subsea production facility was already in place before exploration drilling was started.

Containing very little CO2, the gas from Yttergryta will be mixed with the export gas from Asgard. Production from the field will be regulated by the demand on the Asgard field, said StatoilHydro.

According to the company, the gas field is located around 33 kilometres east of Asgard B in the Norwegian Sea  and has been developed with a subsea template and one production well of about 2,400 metres. It said that the exploration well on Yttergryta was drilled in June 2007 and the plan for development and operation (PDO) was submitted to the authorities January 2008 which was approved in May 2008.

Svein Hatlem, StatoilHydro’s vice president responsible for Asgard operations, said: “We will start production as soon as possible to help maintain the production flow from the Asgard field. We have started production four months ahead of schedule.”