Scottish and Southern Energy, which supplies energy through its Southern Electric, Scottish Hydro Electric and SWALEC brands, has launched a new green product that will provide financial rewards to customers for using less energy.

The so-called ‘better plan’ offering allows customers to make a positive difference to the environment by taking action to reduce their energy consumption. It offers a variety of incentives to help customers use less energy and earn cash credits. The credits are then applied as a reduction to the customers’ energy bills.

The product offers a GBP15 reward for a 10% reduction in energy use in any one year and GBP25 for a 20% reduction. Those that subscribe to the plan will also get a free ‘better plan’ monitor that displays energy use and costs in real time.

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) has launched this product as part of its commitment to work in partnership with its customers to help them reduce their energy use and to create a more sustainable level of energy consumption across the country.