SRS Energy, a developer of building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products, has appointed J Albert as the new CEO. Mr Albert has led the company's product development efforts as director of engineering since 2007.

The company said that he was instrumental in the design and engineering of SRS Energy’s Sole Power Tile, a curved solar roofing tile, designed to blend with US Tile’s mission-style clay roofing products.

SRS Energy and US Tile are currently launching the Sole Power Tile system in select California markets with a nationwide roll out of the product to follow.

Mr Albert joined SRS Energy with over ten years of product development and commercialization experience. Prior to joining the company, Albert was principal engineer and co-founder of E Ink , whose technology is used in electronic books such as the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader.

Mr Albert worked with global partners to develop products and manufacturing technology for display material. During his time at E Ink, the company grew from four people to over one hundred, and in 2009, E Ink was acquired for approximately $400m by a Taiwanese company.

Mr Albert, said: “I am excited to lead SRS Energy in the commercialization of the Sole Power Tile and subsequent products.

”The market is ready for solar roofing products that combine performance with elegance. Driven by design innovation, SRS Energy is propelling solar energy generation from unsightly glass panels into architecturally integrated premium roofing products.”