Houston, Texas-based Spectra Energy's Egan natural gas storage facility has received approval from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to increase the working capacity of its existing salt cavern gas storage field by eight billion cubic feet.

Egan is expected to complete a previously authorized expansion to 24 billion cubic feet (bcf) in 2008 and reach 32bcf by the summer of 2012.

Located in Acadia Parish, Louisiana, the high deliverability facility is well-positioned between key markets and growing supplies through interconnections to major interstate pipelines and access to liquefied natural gas (LNG) supply.

Mark Fiedorek, group vice president for Spectra Energy, said: As a salt cavern storage facility, Egan is ideally suited to provide the short-term balancing and rapid supply turnover services so critical to electric generation plants and LNG suppliers. We appreciate the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s thorough review and timely approval of this project.