US-based midstream company Spectra Energy has announced open season for its Express crude oil pipeline running from Canada to US, including the newly proposed, under development interconnection to a rail terminal in Casper, Wyoming.

Express crude oil pipeline is one of the pipelines of the 1,717 mile long Express-Platte system, which starts in Hardisty in Alberta, Canada and terminates in Wood River in Illinois, US.

Spectra Energy’s 100% owned Express pipeline is 785 mile long and 24in wide with a capacity of 280,000 barrels per day.

The Express pipeline can transmit a variety of light, medium and heavy crude oil produced in Western Canada at Hardisty to refiners in the US Rocky Mountain States.

The pipeline interconnects with the Platte pipeline at Casper, Wyoming. It has facilities including 10 storage tanks with a total capacity of 1.4 million barrels. The oil flow through the pipeline is boosted by 19 pump stations with 156,000 horsepower.

Spectra Energy Liquids president Duane Rae said the open season for the Express pipeline will help meet the growing needs of its refinery customers and will also help the company expand its customer base.

"The Express system is well-positioned to provide for the increasing oil transportation needs in the region and Spectra Energy is moving quickly to secure that growth opportunity," Rae added.

The open season for the Express pipeline will run until 9 August 2013, while services are expected as early as 1 October 2013.