TelaPoint has announced that Southern Maryland Oil has selected its TelaFuel internet software smart replenishment module for inventory management of its Southern Maryland Oil Transport division which supplies fuel to its Dash-In Food Stores and other wholesale fuel customers.

According to the company, Southern Maryland Oil will use TelaFuel, a browser-based application suite, to improve management of fuel purchasing, replenishment, truck logistics, and invoice reconciliation operations across its chain of company owned and wholesale fuel customers.

Southern Maryland Oil is also using the Smart Scheduling module to manage the dispatch of these fuel orders for the company owned trucks and several common carriers.

With TelaFuel, Southern Maryland Oil will achieve benefits including the ability to lower fuel procurement costs, optimize fuel inventory and transportation operations, and streamline supplier invoice reconciliation expenses.

Brian Fenwick, supply and distribution manager of Southern Maryland Oil, said: “We are pursuing our goal to maximize fuel replenishment efficiency utilizing TelaPoint’s supply chain service.”

TelaPoint is an internet platform software provider focused on specific industry supply chains. It has developed a software service that can be deployed in multiple industries. The TelaPoint application suite provides communication architecture that brings efficient business processes, cost savings and valuable business intelligence to each member of the supply chain.