Sound Solar Systems has partnered with Altus Power Management to complete the installation of a solar array on the roof of the 20,000sqft Royal Flush commercial building in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Sound Solar said that the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund (CCEF) has provided funding for the retrofit project, which is projected to reduce the client’s electricity draw from the grid by up to 35%.

Sound Solar Systems’ approach to providing clean energy solutions addresses not only multiple green technologies but also the engineering limitations that have previously impeded system retrofits to existing buildings, the company said.

Tony Savino, principal of Sound Solar Systems, said: “Our task is to make existing solar technologies accessible and create savings for homeowners, commercial landlords and building owners in the tri-state area. The design and integration of solar panels onto existing residences and commercial buildings can be a delicate task. Our construction background allows us to execute projects with maximum system efficiency while preserving the integrity of the roof.”

Sound Solar Systems is a clean energy installation and development company in Connecticut, while Altus Power is a company investing in clean energy projects.