Sonoco Products Company (Sonoco) has introduced Sonovoid concrete void form product. The Sonovoid concrete void forms is utilized in the construction of cast-in-place concrete where expansive soils are present, offering temporary support for cast-in-place floors, beams and walls until the concrete can support itself on drilled piles or caissons. The product is environmentally sustainable and is made of -based corrugated paper.

Eventually, the corrugated paper utilized in the construction of the void form is engineered to absorb moisture from the surrounding environment. Due to the moisture the void form to lose its structural integrity, thus allowing the soil to expand without causing damage to the foundation.

Sonovoid is given a finishing touch with a thin wax coating, making them water-resistant, lightweight and biodegradable. The patented design is engineered to be constructed without glues or mechanical fasteners, offering several advantages over other products in the marketplace, such as quick, clean and hassle-free assembly without the added cost of glues or special assembly equipment. The design consists of special endcaps, which provide extra strength and prevent the concrete from penetrating the void at the caisson or pile.

The company entered the void form market with the 2008 acquisition of VoidForm International, previously based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

“Sonoco’s production capabilities and extensive distributor network are uniquely well-suited to include the Sonovoid product line,” said Marcy J. Thompson, Sonoco’s division vice president and general manager, Industrial Products – North America. “We’re particularly proud to offer this product line, because it’s not only superior in quality, but also environmentally sustainable.”

Within the product line, Sonovoid Beam void forms are utilized for the construction of concrete beams or walls, and Sonovoid Slab void forms are used for the construction of concrete foundations or floors. Custom pile or pier void cutouts are available upon request. Sonovoid products are engineered to meet ISO 9001 standards, and fulfill with the US Army Corps of Engineers’ specifications for void forms.