sonnen and HelioPower have installed a sonnenBatterie eco 10 System in a home located in Bonsall, California, US.

In combination with an on-site solar array, the sonnenBatterie offers perpetual backup power in the event of a natural disaster or power outage, providing safety and peace of mind for homeowners.

The homeowner Jay Marsh said “I’ve always been a proponent of sustainable and innovative practices. The sonnenBatterie eco 10 was predominantly designed as a backup battery system for my first booster pump to my water reservoir; but, ultimately I chose to connect the eco 10 to a second booster pump for my fire sprinklers.

“Since we have not yet experienced a wildfire, I haven’t tested out the system to its full capacity; although, it’s comforting to know that I have a backup plan. So far I am very pleased with sonnen’s stable, software interface and the unit’s power usage.”

The sonnenBatterie installation, along with a HelioPower photovoltaic system (PV) of LG 315 panels and SolarEdge 7600 optimizers/inverters, will power the homeowner’s second water pump motor.

This pump connects his home to his personal water reservoir in the event of a wildfire or power outage, allowing water to continue to flow to his home.

sonnen North American Sales vice president Blake Richetta said: “sonnen is focused on the growth of clean, reliable and affordable energy for all. Our partnerships with dealers like Heliopower are key to providing integrated solar + storage products to homeowners in California and beyond.

“Our proven and safe storage technology, which is developed and manufactured in the U.S., empowers customers to manage their self-produced energy and gain greater energy independence by taking control of their own energy.”

HelioPower’s analytics and load profiling tools, as well as HelioPower’s distributed generation strategies work together to maximally reduce the homeowner’s total energy cost.

HelioPower provided design, engineering, construction and utility commissioning for the battery and solar installation, delivering the project on schedule and within budget. The project was successfully commissioned in July 2016.

Marsh said: “I’ve had two experiences with HelioPower and both were phenomenal.

“I was very impressed with the install team and how they were able to adapt the installation to the unique requirements of my home.”

HelioPower president and founder Mo Rousso said: “We are pleased to add sonnen to our suite of energy cost reduction solutions for our residential customers.

“HelioPower’s mission is to work with our clients to find the most cost-effective solution to all of their energy needs; be it solar power to produce their own electricity at wholesale prices; smart home energy products, such as high efficiency pool pumps, whole house fans, and smart thermostats to reduce energy consumption; or sonnen solar battery solutions to provide energy security during outages.

"This project demonstrates our capability to effectively solve complex design and installation challenges that other energy integrators find prohibitive, causing most of them to pass on pursuing the project.”.

sonnen’s energy management software, along with HelioPower’s integrated turnkey energy solutions and financing from the HERO Program, enabled the Marsh residence to complete its renewable energy initiative.

HERO is the nation’s largest residential PACE program and partners with local governments to make energy and water usage efficient, and renewable energy products more affordable for homeowners.

Marsh said: “I have used HERO financing twice.

“Both times, it allowed me to cost-effectively make energy efficiency updates to my house.”