SolarEdge Technologies, a provider of Distributed Solar Power Harvesting and PV monitoring systems, is expanding its activity in France with Solelux Toiture, a residential integrator in France. Since the beginning of the year Solelux installed hundreds of SolarEdge systems monthly, up to 3kWp each.

The company expects to accelerate the rate of installations, reaching 10MWp installations by the end of 2010 and expects over 3,000 SolarEdge Solar Power Harvesting Systems on residential roofs in France this year.

The SolarEdge power harvesting system includes PowerBoxes, which are module-integrated power optimizers, multi-string solar inverters and a solar monitoring software.

According to the company, this system is beneficial for residential installations, which account for over 90% of the French PV market, as it enables faster return on investment through production of up to 25% more energy from PV installation and reduction of maintenance costs and complexities.

Zvi Lando, VP of Global Sales at SolarEdge, said: “The ease and speed in which Solelux’s highly capable team adapted our system, and the enthusiasm in which the product is received by the system owners, strengthen the positioning of this solution as a perfect match for the French market.”