The Chilean government has given environmental approval for SolarReserve’s 450MW Tamarugal concentrated solar power project, which will be developed in the country's Tarapacá region.

The Tamarugal solar project will include three 150MW solar thermal towers that can generate about 2,600GW hours of power per annum.

Each solar thermal tower will have 13 hours of full load energy storage, said the company.

The facility, which will have 5.8GW hours of total energy storage capacity, will be developed by using the firm’s solar thermal energy storage technology. The technology is claimed to be capable of supplying non-intermittent electricity from solar energy 24-hours a day,

The company will bid the energy generated from the Tamarugal and other projects in Chile, in the upcoming international public auction to supply energy to power distribution companies in the country.

SolarReserve development senior vice president Tom Georgis said: “SolarReserve’s proven technology is able to provide non-intermittent electricity from solar energy 24-hours a day, without requiring any fossil fuel.

“The Tamarugal project will help stabilize and lower electricity costs for Chilean families and businesses, while ensuring energy security for the country.”

SolarReserve CEO Kevin Smith said: “What’s happening in Chile is a preview of the future of solar around the world. Even more remarkable than 24-hour a day solar, SolarReserve set a new benchmark for baseload solar pricing by bidding 63 dollars per megawatt hour, without subsidies, in Chile’s most recent auction for energy supply.”

In May 2016, SolarReserve partnered with China’s state-owned firm Shenhua Group to construct 1,000MW of solar thermal projects in China.

As part of the deal, Shenhua agreed to offer its expertise in developing, funding, constructing and operating power plants, while SolarReserve to provide critical technology and technical support services to build the solar thermal (CSP) projects.

Image: SolarReserve has secured environmental approval from Chilean government for 450MW solar project. Photo: courtesy of SolarReserve, LLC.