Solar Frontier has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with oil company Saudi Aramco and the Saudi Arabian National Industrial Cluster Development Programme to investigate the potential of producing CIS thin-filmed solar panels in the Kingdom.

The MoU, signed by Solar Frontier parent Showa Shell Sekiyu, comes as Saudi Arabia attempts to progress its Vision 2030 economic reform platform, whose central focus is on solar power build-out.

The parties will undertake a joint feasibility study into the possibility of CIS solar panel production in the Kingdom.

Further developments will be announced based on the results of this joint feasibility study.

The MOU directs that the all the three companies will work in a conjunction and with the Saudi government. The work will include technical aspects as well as economic feasibility in the development of thin film PV modules.

Saudi Arabia has set a target of producing at 9.5GW of renewable energy target by 2030.      

The country has been emphasising on CIS thin film PV modules because they are better suited for the high temperature and dry conditions and can also offer higher output in comparison with regular PV modules and other thin film PV modules such as cadmium tellurite.

Showa Shell Sekiyu gave a statement that it has deep ties and interests with Saudi Arabia as well as Saudi Aramco. It said that the current move from the Saudi government is deeply appreciative of the opportunity for the feasibility study.

Solar Frontier is one of the largest CIS solar panel producers in the world. The company says that its CIS solutions offer economic as well as environmental benefits in real world conditions.

Image: Solar Frontier along with Saudi Aramco to conduct feasibility study on CIS thin film solar panels. Photo: Courtesy of khunaspix/