Renewable energy company SkyWolf Wind Turbine has developed the first hybrid technology that integrates wind and solar power in a single turbine.

solar-wind hybrid technology

The solar hybrid diffused augmented wind turbine (DAWT) is designed to increase the efficiency and electric energy output even at lower wind speeds as low as 3 mph, by reducing the static pressure behind the rotor blades, the company said.

Skywolf used its patented DAWT technology to develop the turbine that has a height of 28′ and diameter of 11′ of smaller swept blade area.

The hybrid turbine technology holds four patents.

During an initial Beta installation, the DAWT has produced between 600KwH and 800KwH a month in an average wind speed of 16-18mph.

Occupying a smaller footprint, the new turbine can produce twice the power of a conventional turbine of comparable size, and features panels to capture solar energy.

SkyWolf Wind Turbine business development vice-president Paul Morrell said: "We are finally ready to commercially launch this product into the marketplace and we believe this product offers an outstanding alternative to the wind and solar energy industry.

"The smaller physical size and large electrical energy output makes this an exceptional product application to the sustainable wind farm micro grids, to municipalities, government institutions, airports, colleges and universities, as well as the private home owner and small business owner."

Image: SkyWolf-built solar hybrid diffused augmented wind turbine system. Photo: courtesy of SkyWolf.