SkyPower Corp. (SkyPower) said that its proposed 64.5 megawatt (MW) Byran wind project has been selected in the Ontario Power Authority’s (OPA) Renewable Energy Supply (RES III) supply process. The Byran wind project is located in Prince Edward county, Ontario. This project is anticipated to become operational by the end of 2010. The project will produce clean energy enough to power more than 16,000 homes per annum.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to generate clean, renewable energy that will serve Ontarians for years to come,” said Kerry Adler, SkyPower’s president and chief executive officer. “Ontario’s environment, economy and future energy supply will be well-served by the Byran Wind Project.”

The government of Ontario, in concert with the OPA, has launched a number of procurement programs to encourage the growth of the renewable energy industry in the province. These procurement programs provide a platform for stimulating investment and job creation in the renewable energy sector. The awards issued under the OPA competitive process demonstrates the strong support of the power authority, provincial government, municipal leaders, and communities, and are a clear indication that Ontario’s renewable energy targets are achievable. The Byran Wind Project is an important step towards delivering secure, sustainable and clean energy for Ontarians and will help meet the Ontario’s government’s green energy objectives.

“We look forward to working with provincial and municipal government leaders as well as with the local community on the development and construction of this project,” said Adler. “In particular, we are encouraged to see that the Ontario Government recognizes that investments in wind energy projects will help create valuable jobs, economic growth and clean renewable energy development in Ontario.”