Skylar Resources has commissioned a 2MW battery energy storage system for its municipal client Glendale Water & Power in the city of Glendale in the US state of California.

Construction and testing was recently completed at Glendale’s Grandview Substation. The battery can now instantaneously respond to shifts in systemic load, providing GWP with an unprecedented capacity to regulate its transmission system.

Beyond renewable integration, the BESS may serve as an emergency source of energy to start up other units, mitigating the impact of potential unplanned disruptions in service. It will also reduce costs by delaying the need for infrastructure upgrades.

Skylar facilitated the deployment of the energy storage system after consulting with Glendale for appropriate applications within the City’s utility system. The process included the careful evaluation of several battery systems and working closely with world-class battery system company Saft America on the final BESS selection of Saft’s Intensium Max+ container and storage system. Additionally, Skylar selected EPC firm Beta Engineering to design, construct and oversee the battery system installation and integration into Glendale’s power grid.

"We are very pleased to announce completion and commissioning of the Grandview energy storage system for our client Glendale Water & Power. This system is now one of the fastest responding storage systems for any municipal utility in Southern California. It will significantly improve electric reliability inside the City of Glendale. It gives GWP a flexible, state-of-the-art resource to meet its customers’ needs today and in the years ahead,” said William O. Perkins III, CEO and President of Skylar.

Skylar is also in discussions with several other Western utilities and large commercial users to develop larger energy storage systems for various applications including load shifting, demand response and integration of renewable resources.

BESS Project Overview

Location: City of Glendale, California – Grandview Substation

Maximum discharge capacity: 2 MW

Primary function: Transmission system regulation and load balancing

Battery Rating: 950 kWh

Battery Manufacturer: Saft

Inverter Manufacturer: ABB

Engineering, Design and Construction: Beta Engineering