Sirios announces the beginning of the fieldworks on the Cheechoo gold property in compliance with its three-year plan announced on last June which comprised of four tasks for the first year.

The first step, currently underway, includes stripping and trenching as well as complementary geochemical sampling of soil and till. These samplings will allow to validate and to confirm several established drilling targets with different techniques as well as to generate others in new sectors of the property.

The business plan of Sirios estimates that these fieldworks will be followed by diamond drilling campaigns and metallurgical essays. The plan’s objective is to move forward quickly the project from the exploration stage to the development one in order to offer an optimal return for the shareholders.

The Cheechoo gold project is located in James Bay, Quebec, 800 km north of Montreal and less than 10 km from the Eleonore gold mine of the producer Goldcorp. The property is accessible by land, and if needed, can also be connected to the Quebec’s hydro-electricity network. In 2012, Sirios concluded an agreement with Golden Valley Ltd. regarding ownership Cheechoo allowing it, to, upon completion of certain obligations and counterparties, increase its current interest from 45% to 100%. Sirios is the manager of the project.