Sinoenergy, a manufacturer of compressed natural gas vehicle and gas station equipment, has announced the opening of its first two compressed natural gas filling stations in Wuhan City, in China's Hubei Province.

Each station has four filling outlets and employs 12 to 14 employees to handle daily operations.

Within the city of Wuhan there are currently 20 compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations, one central station and a large-scale CNG plant, all of which are in the design and engineering phase. Sinoenergy expects to open these 20 stations over the next six months, with a target of 30 CNG filling stations becoming operational by the end of 2008. That number is expected to expand to 50 operational CNG filling stations by the end of 2009.

Bo Huang, CEO of Sinoenergy, said: We are very pleased to have reached this point and we are proud of the achievements of our dedicated team. We are now focusing on rapidly expanding our CNG filling station network in central and south east China. Based on our current plan, we expect to become the largest CNG filling station owner/operator in mainland China by the year 2009.