Siemens has secured two gas turbine package contracts from Daewoo International and UTE TSK-Inelectra for the Ashuganj power projects in Bangladesh.

The two companies responsible for the turnkey construction of the power units awarded contract to Siemens on behalf of the end customer for both projects, Ashuganj Power Station Company.

Under the contracts, Siemens will deliver gas turbine package for 225MW and 385MW Ashuganj power projects.

Daewoo International ordered Siemens for the Ashuganj 225MW power unit, while the scope of delivery includes supply of an SGT5-PAC 2000E package comprising an SGT5-2000E gas turbine, an SST5-600 steam turbine, and two SGen5-100A generators.

For the Ashuganj 385MW combined cycle power unit, Siemens will be delivering an SCC5-PAC 4000F/3000 package consisting of an SGT5-4000F gas turbine, an SST-3000 steam turbine and an SGen 5-2000H generator.

Siemens Energy PR Business Unit sales head Peter Völkl said the SGT5-2000E turbine is known for its reliability and fuel flexibility.

"The SGT5-4000F gas turbine achieves top values in terms of efficiency and generation costs," Völkl added.

"The two power plant units will continue to support the country’s economic growth."