Siemens Westinghouse has recently reported contracts with a total value of over $1 billion to supply power plant equipment and services.

The contracts are as follows: Dynegy awarded a contract for twelve 185 MWe W501F gas turbines to be used in various simple and combined-cycle applications for installation in 2002 and 2003.

Stone & Webster awarded a contract for Siemens Westinghouse to supply a thermal island for the 720 MWe combined-cycle AES Londonderry power plant in New Hampshire. The thermal island includes two 245 MWe W501G gas turbines, a steam turbine, HRSGs, and a condenser. The plant will use natural gas as its primary fuel and will begin commercial operation in May 2002.

Raytheon contracted with Siemens Westinghouse to supply three 185 MWe W501F gas turbines for the 800 MWe combined cycle AES Red Oak power plant in New Jersey, and is due to enter commercial service in March 2002.

Ameren Corporation awarded Siemens Westinghouse two contracts to supply gas turbines to repower four plants in Illinois. The first contract is to provide two 185 MWe W501F turbines for the two units at Grand Tower Power Station, due for completion by June 2001. The second contract is for a similar repowering project at the two unit Hutsonville power station, due to enter commercial operation by June 2003.

Arkansas Electric Cooperative awarded Siemens Westinghouse a contract to supply a 163 MWe V84.3A gas turbine for a simple cycle power plant in Hempstead County, Arkansas. Commercial operation of the plant is due by June 2001.

Conectiv awarded a contract for three 102 MWe V84.2 gas turbines for a new facility adjacent to the existing Hay Road plant in Delaware. The units will enter commercial operation in 2001, and be converted to combined cycle operation in 2002.