SiemensWater Technologies is providing a sludge collection system for its new wastewater treatment plant located in East Sussex, UK.

The plant is operated by UK water utility Southern Water.

Siemens will supply three chain and scraper sludge collection system to Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, which is in charge of the specification, mechanical installation, and commissioning of the plant.

The facility is expected to treat 95 million litres a day.

Siemens designed Envirex systems will be used for the removal of fats, oils, grit and grease from the wastewater treatment process.

The system will also remove settled solids from the bottom of the collection tank through a scum tube arrangement.

The sludge, fats, oils, grease and grit removed from the wastewater goes to the biological treatment phase.

The technology offers energy savings through its ability to provide a low powered drive for continual operation and a non-metallic chain which does not corrode, reports