Siemens has received an order to supply turbines for the 160MW Tellenes wind farm in Norway, which is owned by Zephyr and Norsk Vind Energi.

The German firm will supply 50 wind turbines, each with a capacity to produce 3.2MW and will have a rotor diameter of 113m.

The wind turbines will be installed in Rogaland, south of Stavanger, Norway. The project is being funded by BlackRock through equity financing.

Upon completion, the wind project will produce enough electricity to power at least 30,000 Norwegian homes.

Zephyr and Norsk Vind Energi have entered into a power purchase agreement with Google which will power its data centres through renewable energy in Europe. Google will be using the renewable energy from the wind farm for a period of 12 years.

Apart from the supply and installation of turbines, Siemens will also provide operational and maintenance services to the wind turbines under long-term agreement.

The company will provide services such as remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance planning. Construction of the project is expected to be completed and fully operational in late 2017.

Siemens Wind Power and Renewables Division Onshore CEO Thomas Richterich said: "Technology companies such as Google are increasingly covering their rising energy demands with clean wind power.

"We are proud to be part of this development with our direct drive technology. Tellenes will also be one of the largest onshore wind projects in Norway."