Gas Turbine Technologies (GTT) has signed a deal with Siemens which will see the German engineering giant supply a 125 kW solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) combined heat and power system to GTT for delivery in September 2007.

This is Siemens’ third order from GTT for an SOFC system.

In 2004, GTT and Siemens entered into a cooperation agreement intended to demonstrate the behaviour of SOFC systems operating in an industrial environment. The programme, termed EOS (Energia da Ossidi Solidi/energy from solid oxide), is based on two demonstrator systems one of which is presently operating at GTT’s facility in Torino, Italy.

In parallel with the larger systems, GTT also has launched another project termed EBE (Energia a Basse Emissioni/low emission energy) aimed at smaller fuel cell systems. This project will begin with the testing of a 5 kW Siemens SOFC system, recently delivered and to be installed at a later date in a new canteen at the Torino site.