Renewable energy arm of Siemens, Siemens Energy, has developed a new steam turbine, SST-500 GEO, for geothermal power plants to cater to the power range of about 120MW.

The new turbine is a single-casing, double-flow condensing turbine belonging to SST-500 and SST-600 turbine range. It is said to be a blend of casing and auxiliaries of the company’s previous turbines, SST-500 and SST-600.

In addition, the design of the turbine is aimed at both single and double flash applications to be deployed in geothermal power plants with a varying range of steam conditions.

Siemens Energy industrial power business unit CEO Markus Tacke said with the launch of SST-500 GEO, the company expanded its steam turbine portfolio for geothermal projects.

"The SST-500 GEO will enable us to participate in the geothermal growth we currently see in regions such as the eastern coast of Asia, the western coast of the Americas and parts of Africa," added Tacke.

The new turbine can withstand steam temperatures of up to 250°C, and steam pressures of 15 bar absolute. It has resource- and turbine-stage-specific high-grade materials alongside special features for moisture removal at every stage, the company stated.