Switzerland-based inspection, verification, testing and certification company SGS, has won a contract with Engen to provide rope access maintenance and inspection services contract for its oil refinery in South Africa.

Engen crude oil refinery, which is located at Wentworth in South Durban, is said to have a nominal capacity of 125,000 barrels per day to produce clean fuel standards.

South Africa-based Engen selected SGS for rope access maintenance and inspection services to preserve and protect corrosion of storage tanks and piping insulation at the refinery.

Under the contract, SGS will inspect the equipments and installations at the refinery and use cost-effective rope access maintenance to prevent the corrosion of tanks and other installations from resulting in catastrophic failure.

The company will remove old paint and rust formed on the storage tank exteriors using ultra high pressure water jetting system and repaint it using rope access and customized tank crawler to ensure safe and reliable operations.

Use of corrosive chemicals, harsh operating and environmental conditions at the refinery can lead to structural damage, leakage, costly repairs, loss or contamination of products, pollution, and risk to personnel.