Australia-based Senex Energy has begun large scale fracture stimulation program on its unconventional gas exploration wells in Cooper Basin, South Australia.

The current program includes fracture stimulation and flow testing of these wells, along with the existing Hornet-1 well, which flowed gas to surface when drilled in 2004.

The company has commenced the five well program with Skipton-1 in PEL 516, to define unconventional gas resources in various permits in the southern and northern South Australian Cooper Basin.

After completing the Skipton-1 program, Senex will fracture stimulate Kingston Rule-1, Talaq-1, Hornet-1 and Paning-2 wells. This is expected to be complete in two months, while flow testing is scheduled to happen in June 2013.

The company has drilled three new dedicated unconventional gas exploration wells in the southern permits, which include Skipton-1, Kingston Rule-1, and Talaq-1.

A fourth well Paning-2 has been drilled and is being cased in the northern Cooper Basin, while the company has noticed significant zones of net gas pay in all of these wells.

The program is expected to provide information about post-fracture production rates, which will allow the refinement of fracture stimulation design within tight gas sands, shales and deep coals in the Cooper Basin.