Electric vehicle charging solutions provider SemaConnect has been selected by the management firm Jones Lang LaSalle to install electric vehicle charging stations at the 18-story CityPlace Tower in West Palm Beach, Florida, the US.

Once completed, the new stations would offer tenants an eco-friendly amenity as well as the convenience of an additional location to charge the electric vehicles.

SemaConnect Business Development vice president Mark Pastrone said, "The company is pleased to be working with Jones Lang LaSalle to offer electric vehicle charging stations at CityPlace Tower."

"There is a great deal of excitement around this building as it is the first Class-A office building to be built in West Palm Beach in nearly 20 years and we are glad to be part of offering environmentally friendly options for tenants there," Pastrone added.

SemaConnect said the networked electric vehicle charging stations and web-based management software makes it easy for station owners to deploy at their properties.

The stations are sophisticated networked Level II (240V, 30A) commercial grade and comes bundled with web-based management software.

With the software, station owners can manage time-of-use pricing with built-in payment gateway, run sustainability reports on fossil fuel and CO2 emissions, see real-time electricity metering and manage electric vehicle driver usage.