SeaYu Enterprises, Inc. (SeaYu) has introduced a new eco-friendly aerosol pet cleaning product, Clean+Green. The new Clean+Green offers direct results in a non-toxic, eco-friendly solution unlike other cleaning products that are harmful, needs multiple applications and/or only temporarily mask odors. The new product permanently cleans the pet stains and eliminates odors and is safe for pets, people and the planet.

Each of the Clean+Green products is independently created to deal with the specific odor/stain problem and can be used on carpet and area rugs, wood floors, tile, cement and all fabrics, even litter boxes. The new Clean+Green uses new Advanced Encapsulation Technology and the Advanced Eliminator3 Formula. The products naturally remove the stain and odor on contact even skunk odor by naturally biodegrading the stain/odor source.

“Many people are aware of the potential health risks of using traditional cleaning products and air fresheners in the home. Pets breath the same air we do, and are just as vulnerable to the negative effects of harsh cleaning chemicals as we are,” said Dennis Seaman, vice president of sales & marketing of SeaYu. “Our all-natural and patented formula is high performance and safe for use around all members of the family.”

The Clean+Green is made from ingredients and materials which are all-natural, 100% biodegradable, and recyclable. The products are non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-carcinogenic and will not harm the ozone layer with no harsh chemicals or perfumes. The new eco-friendly aerosol applicator ensures the easy and quick application with a maximum performance.