Integrated energy company ScottishPower has launched a new fixed-price energy plan, PriceSure, offering prices until January 31, 2010, to allow customers to save approximately 10% on current standard gas prices. The new product replaces the previous discounted energy offer.

Under the PriceSure energy offer, customer prices are fixed until January 31, 2010. ScottishPower will contact customers before the end of January 2010, giving them to opt the revised fixed prices until January 31, 2011.

The company said that annual saving of £211.53 shown is based on an average of ScottishPower’s Gas & Electricity offer for offline customers across Britain with annual mains gas usage of 20,500kWh and annual Standard Rate electricity usage of 3,300kWh, who pay quarterly (excluding prompt payer discounts) and switch to ScottishPower’s Fresh Start Offer.

Gerard Magee, head of marketing at ScottishPower, said: “Before Christmas we reduced prices for most of our customers by up to GBP211 when we launched our new tariff. By launching PriceSure, our new fixed-price product, customers can save up to 10% on current standard gas prices.

“In terms of our general prices, we are still monitoring the wholesale markets. If we continue to see a sustained drop in wholesale energy costs then we will reduce prices as soon as we are able.”

With the integration of ScottishPower & Iberdrola now complete, ScottishPower is focused on three main areas; Transmission & Distribution through Energy Networks, Generation & Supply through Energy Wholesale & Retail and Canadian gas storage through PPM Canada.