Schneider Power Inc. (Schneider Power) has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Triton Telecom Inc. (Triton Telecom), a subsidiary of Cobian International Group, Inc. (Cobian International Group) to power an undersea cable system between Miami and Puerto Rico. Seahorse-1, a 4,850 km ring comprised of 4 Fibre pairs between Miami, Florida; Cacique, Dominican Republic; and Isla Verde, Puerto Rico using renewable energy

Seahorse-1 will be the first renewable energy powered underwater fibre optic communications network in the world and will use traditional power plants only as a backup.

The Seahorse-1 project will employ earth saving techniques and materials to allow for an invasion-free impact on nature and the oceans. The project intends to showcase new ways to provide cost-effective, innovative technology that will serve the public interest whilst having minimal environmental impact.

This is an industry first and we are proud to be able to support Triton in bringing their goal of an environmentally friendly system to fruition Schneider Power Vice-Chairman and President Thomas Schneider said.

Cobian International Group Chief Technology Officer Kameel Wakim said Renewable energy is a proven technology that we need to apply to all telecom solutions offered around the world. We were given this challenge by our CEO in 2005 and today Seahorse-1 reflects our commitment to innovation and the environment. Schneider Power is a future thinking company that can help us to achieve this goal.