Schneider Electric, formerly Telvent, is participating in a large-scale Swedish smart grid project that aims to demonstrate how new smart grid technologies can improve the electrical quality of large rural grids.

The Smart Grid Gotland project, which is partly financed by the Swedish Energy Agency, will conduct research and development primarily related to electricity supply quality.

The project, which calls for an investment of about $32m, is also expected to show market application of smart grid for integration of renewable sources, reports smartmeters.

Schneider Electric said the project would utilize large quantities of distributed power generation and advanced load management strategies to demonstrate methods to improve large grids’ electrical quality.

ABB, Gotland Energy, Telvent, Vattenfall, the Swedish National Grid, and the Royal Institute of Technology have joined forces for the Gotland project, which is scheduled to be completed in 2015.

Vattenfall project manager Håkan Gustavsson noted that a large portion of electricity for the Gotland grid comes from renewable sources.

"We are hopeful about the project and expected results can be easily scaled up and used in other parts of Sweden, or internationally," Gustavsson added.

Telvent chairman and CEO Ignacio Gonzalez commented, "Telvent is proud to be a part of the ground breaking Smart Grid Gotland project."