The Industrial Development & Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO) has partnered with Schmid Group to establish a fully integrated photovoltaic manufacturing plant in Iran.


The facility is expected to contribute to the county’s effort to diversify its energy resources by increasing the renewable energies share in the energy mix.

The collaboration will build the manufacturing facility which will include the entire photovoltaics value chain, including production of polysilicon, wafer, solar cell and module.

IDRO board chairman and Industry, Mine and Trade Deputy Minister Dr Mansour Moazami said: "As an industrial development organization, IDRO is leading establishments of new industries in Iran and has decided for investment in solar photovoltaics manufacturing value chain.

"Our investment is based on a technology transfer and development framework targeting local and global PV markets. We started a collaboration and signed the agreement with SCHMID Group due to their competencies and the state of the art technology ownership."

As part the deal, Schmid Group will deliver technology, manufacturing lines and plants for the advanced integrated PV manufacturing facility.

The project will initially have an annual production capacity of 200MW. The capacity is expected to be expanded to more than 1000MW per year in the future.

Schmid Group president and CEO Christian Schmid said: "The fully integrated manufacturing facility together with the excellent academic infrastructure in Iran will enable an ideal PV research and development hub in Iran and the joint R&D collaboration will be an integral part for our partnership with IDRO."

Image: Schmid Group will help to establish solar PV manufacturing facility in Iran. Photo: courtesy of SCHMID Group.