SBS Energy has signed a 15-year agreement with Seabrook Farms to install and maintain more than 21 acres of solar panel systems at its Seabrook, New Jersey facility. This location will hold approximately 27,000 panels, with each producing about 230W of electricity.

Once completed, this project will generate approximately 6.1MW, or 8.4 million kWh of energy annually. To place that in perspective, this site is expected to supply about 785 homes with electricity for a full year.

Frank DiCola, president and CEO of Energenic, said: “We are eager to help Seabrook Farms create a more sustainable and reliable energy future. This project will help to significantly reduce the facility’s energy costs.”

Wes Seabrook, vice president of engineering at Seabrook Farms, said: “After looking at solar for two years, we believe Energenic is the right company to get the job done. We produce 90 million pounds of frozen vegetables and we are very excited about the cost savings this will produce.”

SBS Energy is owned and operated by Energenic, a business venture between Marina Energy and DCO Energy.