Saxlund’s equipment will enable the Stuttgart’s waste water treatment plant to increase its capacity to take care of sewage sludge from other waste water treatment plants in the vicinity.

The sludge will be dried and used as biofuel for the production of renewable heat and power, replacing fossil fuels in Stuttgart’s energy mix.

Saxlund managing director Christoph Groffmann said apart from increasing the use of renewable energy and decreasing the carbon foot-print, the incineration of sludge in these very modern waste incineration plants, significantly lowers the emissions of heavy metals like led, cadmium and mercury.

Saxlund will deliver its Solids Pump designed for sewage sludge and a major benefit in the efficient, low-maintenance and environmentally beneficial offer of Saxlund.

Saxlund is part of Opcon’s Waste to Value initiative with a special focus on Waste Heat Recovery and bioenergy.