UK-based oil and gas explorer San Leon Energy completed its first frack of a three-stage vertical hydraulic fracture stimulation program at the Rogity-1 well on the Braniewo S concession in northern Baltic basin, Poland.

The work, which was carried out by United Oilfield Services, was performed in the oil-bearing, tight Cambrian quartzite sandstones at the bottom of the well to understand the frackability and production potential of the sandstones.

A short-term flow test and build-up test will follow over the next four weeks, while any future development is expected to be with multi-staged fracked long offset horizontals.

The company has recently signed a farm-out agreement (FOA) with Wisent Oil & Gas, under which Wisent will fully fund the cost of the program, including testing the prospective interval from the bottom of the well up.

Primary target is focused on the shale oil potential of the lower Silurian, while the second and third stages will test the shale oil potential of the lower Silurian.

Detailed core and petrophysical analysis indicate the prospective interval in the lower Silurian to be up to 100m thick.

San Leon said that two fracks within the lower Silurian will be executed in a three-day timeframe followed by approximately four weeks of flow testing and data gathering of Cambrian.

Subject to the FOA conditions, Wisent has the option to become operator of the concession in which San Leon currently holds a 100% interest.