German utility RWE has revealed that it plans to construct a 400MW lignite-fired power station in Hungary, at a total investment of E750 million.

The new power plant will be located in Visonta, Hungary. Total planned output will be 400MW, and the open-cast lignite mine at Bukkabrany is to be developed further to support the new facility.

The project is subject to approval by the supervisory board of the power generating utility Matra, in which RWE Power has a stake of 50.9 %. Other major shareholders are the state power company Magyar Villamos Muvek (MVM), which holds 25.5% and EnBW, holding 21.7%.

According to RWE, the new lignite-fired power plan will emit far less than equivalent old-style plants in Hungary. It also offers the possibility of burning biomass. Operating with an efficiency rate of over 41%, it will be one of the most modern power plants in eastern Europe.

This plan is our contribution to securing long-term energy supply from Hungary’s only available native energy resource, lignite, commented Jan Zilius, chairman of the board of directors of RWE Power.