RWE npower intends to recommence the former coal-fired power station in South Derbyshire, which was closed 10 years back. The company plans to convert Willington, which originally commenced in 1959, into a gas-fired power station. Presently the company has to conduct a set of meetings with the residents of that area, to find out whether they would get a favoured approval for the project.

In order to construct around 1,000 homes on the site, the government shut down the facility, after two public inquiries and seven years of discussions. The company has received approval for its new plans form Fay Crocker, Willington parish councilor.

Fay Crocker said: Preferably it would have been nice if it had gone back to fields, which it was before. But I do accept that is probably just not going to happen. So in the circumstances it is a good idea. We’ve all got used to having a power station because it’s been there such a long time. Also we’ve been told it will result in jobs, hopefully for local people.