German utility RWE has finalized a project to restructure the running of its core continental European gas business, RWE Energy AG.

According to RWE, the reorganization program was officially completed on October 1 with the launch of the new structure. The focus of the changes was to create a central natural gas procurement structure for the gas business in continental Europe and develop one sales portfolio management unit for the selling business.

The natural gas procurement activities, which have been pooled under the management of the Czech subsidiary RWE Transgas since early October, now comprise the natural gas production facilities and the purchase and sale of transmission, transit and storage capacities in Prague, Dortmund and Essen. Head of the new organizational unit, Procurement Portfolio Management Gas, is Dr Frank-Detlef Drake.

The Sales Portfolio Management unit will be responsible for the entire natural gas sales portfolio of RWE Energy AG’s regional sales companies. Dr Andreas Auerbach has become the head of the new organizational unit, Sales Portfolio Management Gas.

By optimizing our portfolio management, we are consistently developing our international gas activities, pooling competences across country borders and are simultaneously creating distinct market interfaces – all important requirements for becoming a successful player in a liberalized gas market, said Dr Andreas Radmacher of the RWE Energy AG executive board in charge of portfolio management and sales management.

By the consistent pooling of procurement and sales functions, the company, for the first time, created uniform structures for the core businesses of gas and electricity, thus acting as a pioneer in the energy industry, Dr Radmacher concluded.