German energy company RWE has purchased the remaining power generation quota of 4.8TWh from the decommissioned Stade nuclear power station in Northern Germany from E.ON Kernkraft.

The Stade nuclear power station was commissioned in 1972 and produced electricity until 2003. The purchased quota is sufficient to run a 1,200MW nuclear power station such as the Biblis A reactor at full capacity for around six months. Both parties have agreed to maintain confidentiality with regard to the contractual conditions.

RWE purchased the electricity quota in order to increase the remaining quantity of electricity that can be generated by the Biblis A nuclear power station according to the current Atomic Energy Act.

In doing this, the company said that it is ensuring a ‘point of no return’ is not reached before the energy concept, and the reversal of the nuclear phase-out scheme, set down in the coalition agreement have been presented.

The sale has been agreed with Vattenfall Europe Nuclear Energy, the other shareholder of the power plant.