Russia-based Rosatom, which will build Turkey’s first nuclear power plant, is currently working building public support for the new plant in the country, which is not open to the benefits of nuclear power.

In May 2010 Russia and Turkey signed an intergovernmental agreement for Rosatom to build, own, and operate the first nuclear power plant in Turkey.

Prior to foundation laying, Rosatom has opened two Nuclear Energy Information Centers to garner support for the plant, reported The Epoch Times.

Information Center manager Faruk Uzel said that 50% of the population is against nuclear energy in Turkey, while the ratio is higher in Mersin.

"Therefore the new information center aims to educate public about the operations and future benefits of nuclear power plant," Uzel added.

Rosatom has plans to employ 7,000-10,000 people during construction of the plant and 2,500 engineers and technicians later at the power plant.

The country is planning to establish nuclear power generation since 1970.

Turkey has proposed to build several nuclear power projects, however an attempt to build such plants failed due to lack of governmental financial guarantees, economic circumstances and political conflicts.