Rubicon Technology, Inc. (Rubicon) will demonstrate its sapphire substrates and optical products including the company's 8" (200mm+) optical windows and also its 85kg, 300mm+ diameter sapphire bulk crystal at the SPIE Photonics West in San Jose, California from January 27 to January 29, 2009. The specific applications in optical market include, for military applications, missile domes, windows for unmanned air vehicles, and targeting windows.

Sapphire is an exceptional material for optical uses due to its excellent transmission in UV and IR wavelengths, and rugged durability under even the harshest of conditions, said Hap Hewes, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Rubicon. As a premium supplier of large diameter sapphire material, we continue to increase the size of our high-quality sapphire products available for c-plane optical windows and substrates. These 200mm+ products will soon be followed by next generation 12 (300mm+) sapphire products which will significantly expand the range of optical applications for which our customers can design in sapphire.

Using its manufacturing process, the company supplies high-quality and high-performance optical products in the dimensions of up to 250mm c-plane, a and r-plane windows for the optical applications in the military, sensor, semiconductor equipment, laser and medical industries. Additional optical applications are semiconductor equipment parts, sensor windows for the fire safety, oil exploration and chemical processing and also aerospace windows. Smaller sapphire windows and optics can also be utilized for spectroscopy, spectrophotometry, medical and industrial laser applications.