Russia’s nuclear agency Rosatom has approved the partnership between its daughter company Otek and the Dutch Lagerwey in wind energy projects.

The partnership will aim to develop the production of the wind turbines in Russia.

Under the partnership, the two companies will set up a joint venture for the implementation of the projects in the country.

Rosatom first deputy director general Kirill Komarov said: “Here we speak of the formation of the entirely new industry in Russia.

“Rosatom sees its goal not only in building of wind farms, but in development of regulatory system, personnel training system, production localization, certification, R&D system for the wind energy.”

OTEK had sought the approval from Rosatom after studying the feasibility of partnership with a number of wind turbines manufacturers.

Rosatom said that it has weighed the capacity of the domestic wind energy market.

The country’s wind generation capacity is estimated to reach to 3.6 GWh with annual turnover of approximately $1.6bn.

In addition to localizing the production of parts and components of wind turbines, Rosatom plans to build 610 MW of wind farms during 2018-2020.

The localization will also involve the production of blades for 250MW wind projects a year.

Kirill Komarov noted: “The decision to diversify our market proposal in low-carbon energy is a reasoanble follow-up to the overall business development of ROSATOM.

“Moreover, it corresponds to the government 2017-2025 strategy aimed at shifting to the sustainable “green” development model.”

The partnership involves the transfer of critical technologies’ needed to establish the production of wind turbines in Russia with localization requirement no less than 65%.