Rominserv, part of the Rompetrol group, secured a contract worth $1.072bn to modernize the processing capacity of Pavlodar refinery in Kazakhstan.

The modernization work will increase the processing capacity to seven million tons/year, as well as improve product quality and reduce the environmental impact.

Initially, the company will procure materials and equipment for new installations and restoration of existing.

Phase II of the project is expected to start in 2014, following the completion of Pavlodar analysis.

Rominserv will revamp 10 plants, including crude distillation unit, vacuum distillation unit, kero hydrotreater, diesel hydrotreater unit, merox, naphta hydrotreater, vacuum gas oil, catalytic cracking unit, and catalytic reforming unit.

New facilities to be installed include penex isomerization unit, sulfur recovery unit, sour water stripping, amine regeneration unit and diesel hydrotreater and dewaxing.

Rominserv general manager Kanat Bekmurza said the expertise and experience proved by Rominserv in similar projects within the Rompetrol Group’s refineries Petromidia Navodari and Vega Ploiesti ensured the selection of the company as general contractor of the project at Pavlodar refinery.

Built in 1978, the Pavlodar refinery is being designed for the processing of Siberian oil.