Not so long ago UK Coal was a company trying to make a profit in a dwindling industry. However, the firm is now facing a positive immediate future due to the resurgence of coal as a fuel option and, as the company is poised to reveal, a booming real-estate portfolio, the Independent reports.

To date UK Coal has been unfashionable as an investment option for the City due to the relative limitation of its size on a world scale and because of the modern day limitations of the coal market.

However, according to a report from the Independent newspaper, the company is poised to wow the City with the revelation that its land holdings are potentially worth more than double their traditional valuation.

Currently UK Coal’s 50,000 acres of land is valued at GBP274 million, but the company says that the property could fetch more than GBP500 million if sold to housing developers and alike.

With its land potentially worth more than its current market capitalization of GBP362 million, UK Coal’s share value is likely to enjoy a rare boost from the news, the Independent suggests.